Meet Our Founder

Jennifer papp

Left Brain Right Brain Studio has been formulating in my mind for years.  A child's potential is unknown until we start to tap into it.  Being a teacher in various levels over the past 20 years, I have seen what children are capable of and the importance of allowing them to experience learning.  I encourage them to use their whole brain, even though sometimes we have a distinct preference in what we enjoy.

LBRB Studios provides a place that provides deeper knowledge in subject areas of interests, or introduces new experiences they can explore.

Our philosophy aligns with that of the hands on approach and planes of development of Maria Montessori, the provocation aspect of Reggio, and the developmental needs of children to move, experience, and explore.  Education is as complicated and unique as each child is individual.  There isn't enough time in school, at home, or in any extension program to feed a a child's curiosity, but with a combined effort, and variety, we can help them reach their potential together.

About Us

Enrichment Classes For All Kinds of Interests

Kids of various ages have different specific interests or have a variety of interests that simply don't have an outlet.  We created that outlet to allow kids the opportunity to explore many options in various areas.

Ages 5 and up

We have classes for ages 5 and up.  Because we never stop learning, there may be opportunities for teen and adult classes based on interest. 

Involving the Community

If you are a local business, teacher, parent, or teen with a talent to share, please let us know.  Our Community Connection Classes provide classes that match the gifts and talents of the community with interests of the students.