Take a journey through various hands on learning experiences.  We may learn  about a specific continent, dissect animals, visit local businesses, have our own entrepreneur class, and anything in between. 

"Me Time"


We all need a little "me time".  Whether you need time to get things done, have "me time" yourself, or your child needs some time to explore hands on activities outside the house.

Studio Saturdays!


Studio Saturdays are all about Science, Art, and Culinary.  Every month is a different theme and we incorporate fun activities during each class.

I am interested in... A day in a life of...


With such a large focus on college as an extension of education after high school there are very few students who know what they will study .. In collaboration with local businesses, we will offer a platform for children to be exposed to many types of occupations..   

Community Connection Partners


WE OFFER age appropriate Curriculum-perfect for your child!



4-6 year olds are capable of great things and want big words and big information.  We give them age appropriate activities that allow them to explore.  They have an Absorbent Mind and prefer repetitive activities.



A 5-7 year old is starting to make connections in their learning and hunger for more.  We offer overlays in ages and trust that you know your child best.  New children to the program are always encouraged to start in a lower level to gauge how they are acclimating.  



7-9 year olds are able to typically read text, apply knowledge and  prefer variation to activities.  This is the time to take advantage of the child's natural enthusiasm for learning and lays the foundation for skills needed at the next level.

Got This!


9-12 year olds are more likely to choose to work with others than alone.  Children at this age are not only focus on the acquisition of knowledge, but adds a level of thoughtfulness by inspiring children to think and question.